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‘Caroline has produced a beautifully written and clearly understandable guide to exercise for people with scoliosis, always emphasising that individual needs vary and that people should be guided by their physician. I can heartily recommend people with scoliosis of all ages to read it.’

Stephanie Clark, Chair of Trustees, Scoliosis Association UK

'My initial thoughts are that Section 3 will really help and it gives great practical advice.'

Dean Tearle - Aspire Leisure Centre


'This book will be really helpful for a lot of people.'

Mr Stewart Tucker FRCS, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, 

Great Ormond Street Hospital and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK 


'Easy and enjoyable to read.  Great idea and well delivered.'

Gemma Bruce

Extended Scope Practitioner, Spinal Deformities, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital 

‘Without reservation, I highly recommend this book, and the writer. I will
be using it in the Aspire Leisure Centre gym and recommending it to my colleagues. I am very proud of Caroline and her journey to where she is today. She is an inspiration to anyone with scoliosis. This book will help others with general spinal problems too.’

Liz Bord, Senior Exercise Specialist, Aspire Leisure Centre, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore UK

‘Thank you for sharing. This book is:
• Easy and enjoyable to read
• Great idea and well delivered
• Pages 35 to 118 will be the most useful for gym instructors/physios/
personal trainers
• Lots of variety of exercises and good amount of detail given (with pictures)
explaining how to do the exercises and why.’

Gemma Bruce, Extended Scope Practitioner, Spinal Deformities, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

‘This book will be a useful and practical guide for those who are able to exercise to alleviate the postural and functional bias of their scoliosis curves, and also for those who need a more radical solution, and require detailed exercise guidance following surgery.’
John Rutherford mcsp dc hcpc, Specialist physiotherapist, London, UK


‘I think that it’s vital that women with scoliosis realise that pregnancy is not contraindicated and what’s needed is a careful joint approach with all the specialists involved and a mum who is really motivated to keep her body in the best possible shape.’
Peter Mason frcs frcog, Consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist, Queen Charlotte’s and Hammersmith Hospitals, London, UK

‘Caroline has a wealth of knowledge to tap into. I am confident the readers of this guide will find the exercises and tips as helpful as I have!’
Zeinab Choudray, Client

This book was recommended by SAUK. Very good and simple to follow.

Amazon Review

Well written with easy to follow instructions. A most excellent guide

Amazon Review

A must read for all those with Scoliosis and their parents, physios and personal trainers, which addresses all the issues from start to finish.
Help is given as soon as the condition is diagnosed and assists in whatever treatment is prescribed.
I really wish this book was available when I first came into contact with scoliosis.

Amazon Review

Found this book incredibly helpful after years of not knowing what I should and shouldn’t do. Now I know what exercises to avoid and that means I avoid unnecessary pain. TIP chapter is amazing - unbelievably helpful

Amazon Review

Such an informative and easy to read guide. Really useful tips. Thank you this is a life saver!

Amazon Review

Fantastic easy to follow guide full of a range of exercises and tips for anyone who has experienced scoliosis. Would recommend 100%

Amazon Review

An excellent and clear guide. Well written.

Amazon Review

Wow! I just binge read the entire book in one sitting. Wow. I have happy tears after reading this book. I have been searching for some guidance related to exercise and my fusion for the last 10 years. I am so incredibly happy this book was made and will keep it for a life time. I bought this book for a friend of mine and my cousin, both of whom had multi level fusions as myself. I would love a follow up book (for possibly some exercises that were not able to be included) if possible in the future. Thank you so much!

Amazon Review


Caroline is a fantastic trainer and has helped me understand how to really train to my best ability.  She really listened to my worries around training during lockdown and we have managed safely via Facetime or actual Face to Face as restrictions allow.  My body is far stronger and I no longer have so many aches and pains during the week as the difference to my body after training for 6 months is huge.  Really recommend - Richard

I have lost a total of 4 1/2 stone over the last 5 years through support from Caroline, training two / three times a week. I have kept it off and kept on track without any fad diets. Caroline motivates me to work out effectively and safely. Linda C - telephone number available from Caroline (other refs available)

I have been training with Caroline for the past 6 years and she is really careful and my back feels great,  finally confident as my entire body is toned. Sara C - telephone no can be provided

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