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Caroline Freedman shows her metal work from scoliosis surgery
YMCA_Awards Endorsed award

The Scoliosis and Spinal FusioHome Study CPD Course will aim to cover the understanding of scoliosis and which exercises are suitable for this condition and exercises to avoid.  The course content will include all information covered through online access to The Scoliosis Handbook by Caroline Freedman, together with Liz Bord Senior Cardiac rehabilitation Trainer at ASPIRE National Leisure Centre, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, London, United Kingdom.  The book is also available through Amazon and Waterstones.  Once recommended chapters in the book have been studied students will be required to submit via email:

  1. A Case Study/or by agreement a Multiple Choice Test

  2. A Progressive Lesson Plan 

  3. A ten minute discussion relating to an aspect of the course. (This prevents the use of Artificial Intelligence AI)

The course will take up approximately 10 hours of reading time and 10 hours of written study.  On completion of the course you will be awarded 8 CPD points.



(times can be adjusted depending on everyone's

time zones in the group)



The Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion CPD ZOOM Course runs over 2 half days.  Whether you are a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Carer, or a Scoliosis Warrior yourself, the aim of this course is for you to gain an understanding and to have good knowledge of the safe and effective exercises for these conditions.  The exercises that are contraindicated will also be included.


Interactive discussion, practical demonstrations, 2 workshops - a) teaching an exercise in separate small groups, b) case study discussion, practical and a short multiple choice test.


This course is all inclusive and will give practical exercises for people with disabilities.


You will be provided with an Amazon voucher to purchase an online copy of The Scoliosis Handbook of Safe and Effective Exercises Pre and Post Surgery by Caroline Freedman. The book is also available as a hard copy through Hammersmith Health Books, Amazon, Book Depository, Books etc, Waterstones, Walmart.


The course will take up approximately 10 hours of reading time and 7 hours of Face to Face (plus breaks). On completion of the course you will be awarded 8 CPD points and 2 certificates endorsed by CIMSPA and YMCA.

Contact Details

Tel: 07973541015


ZOOM FACE TO FACE Online Session




Emily Hale Build & Breathe Pilates

Emily Build & Breathe Pilates Scoliosis & Spinal Fusion CPD Course Instructor

We are so excited that Emily from Build & Breathe Pilates has joined our team to be a Tutor on our upcoming ZOOM FACE TO FACE COURSES. 


Emily has an enormous wealth of knowledge about Scoliosis.


Emily was first introduced to Pilates to compliment her rehab from spinal fusion surgery to correct scoliosis. She gained her Level 3 Mat-work Pilates qualification to better understand her own body and give her the confidence to get back to being active and strong. Since qualifying, Emily has undertaken further training in Pilates for Scoliosis and Pilates for Spinal Surgery.

This has in turn allowed Emily to help others with a wide range of conditions – especially those with fused spines as Emily understands the potential anxiety from not being able to join in with other gym classes, and the struggle to gain confidence post surgery.

Our physical and mental health is intertwined and the link is too important to ignore. Pilates is a great way to take control and build both strength and resilience – Emily loves working to help clients who are on a similar journey, growing their ability and connecting with their body.

What people are saying about our course…


I can't think of any improvements! It has been a fantastic course and I have learnt so much. Em has been informative, approachable, knowledgeable and just all round-fab and I have loved meeting others on the course and sharing our experiences. I really enjoyed the practical and feel this course will help me so much in my own practice and when training others during sessions. :) Thank you so much! 


Keep up with a great work, the course provided great knowledge but also fantastic emotional support to many participants. 


I really enjoyed it all :) Thank you! A nice mixture of discussion, peoples experiences and practical :) the course has been fantastic- Em is a really talented teacher, she is very patient and listens well and it was a pleasure to be taught by her

Overall amazing first session! Thank you all so much for helping fill such a needed space! 


One of the great things from the course was the opportunity to share stories and experiences with others. I know that (a member of the group) set up a Facebook group which is really great. In a face to face environment I think we may all well have gone to the pub or a cafe after the course to carry on the chat and this could be really great for future flare ups/questions etc - feeling that connection with others in the same or similar position. If the course were to run again online then I wonder if you could offer the option for people to stay on the call after the formal workshop to just have a little chat afterwards maybe.


A really great course and I feel  much better informed about how to work with fused clients now. Thank you all :)


Liz is the Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital's ASPIRE Leisure Centre gym.  She has trained many clients with scoliosis and spinal fusions over her 26 years working at ASPIRE.  Liz teaches Mindfullness classes and has a strong interest in how our thoughts and state of mind can alter our pain levels.  She is a contributor to the Scoliosis Handbook by Caroline Freedman.  Liz has won awards for her work.


Caroline is the author of The Scoliosis Handbook.  A Personal Trainer for over 23 years, Caroline has extensive knowledge of scoliosis both through her clients and her own personal experience of scoliosis surgery.

Together, their experience and depth of knowledge aims to guide Personal Trainers and Physiotherapists through the Scoliosis and Spinal Fusion CPD Course resulting in increased education on this condition. 

The Scoliosis Handbook is available to purchase separately (e-book is included with all learning courses) through Hammersmith Health Books, Amazon, Book Depository, Books etc, Waterstones, Walmart 

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