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Shoulder Stand avoid with scoliosis and spinal fusion
Great stretch to help release your spinal muscles and open out your vertebrae

YES – Wonderful!
My surgeon had me swimming every day as soon as I took my brace off, six months after my first two surgeries. It tones your body. It is very safe – you really can’t do much damage. Lovely for stretching too in the pool.
Just watch out with front crawl – I always find that, as my arms do not fully rotate, I end up swimming into other people! Ditto with backstroke.

Use the child booster cushions often provided if the seats are old and too soft. Immediately post surgery, you may be too uncomfortable to sit for any length of time. Try waiting six months before you go. Don’t worry about walking out if your back hurts. It’s not worth suffering during and after.

I recommend getting someone else to help!
In scoliosis post surgery, the spine is fused, so kneeling over a bath, bathing and picking up a baby will cause strain in the upper thoracic spine. The vertebrae that are not fused will take the strain and this may cause soreness and discomfort.
If possible, arrange for a relative/friend/nanny/maternity nurse to come in for a couple hours to help, especially from newborn as this is when your back will be most vulnerable. Maternity nurses can be very expensive, so it is worth asking any newly qualified baby nurses/midwives if they can do a few nights at a more reasonable cost in order to get the work experience. Ask in your ward at the hospital. Some agencies send their newly qualified maternity nurses out on work experience, so it’s worth calling to ask.
Raising the baby bath on to the top of a surface at waist level will avoid stooping over.


"My initial thoughts are that Section 3 will really help and it gives great practical advice."

Dean Tearle - Aspire Leisure Centre


“This book will be really helpful for a lot of people.”

Mr Stewart Tucker FRCS, Consultant Spinal Surgeon, 

Great Ormond Street Hospital and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, UK 


"Easy and enjoyable to read.  Great idea and well delivered."

Gemma Bruce

Extended Scope Practitioner, Spinal Deformities, Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital 

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