What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine in an S shaped form.  It is a side to side curve of over ten degrees. It can affect any age from before birth (congenital), in young children (early onset), teenagers (adolescent idiopathic) where the scoliosis has developed through puberty/growth and onto adulthood. The curve can change dramatically around the ages of 10-20 years old.  Adolescent scoliosis comprises 80% of cases.

The Scoliosis Handbook

I was asked to write The Scoliosis Handbook by Liz Bord from the Aspire Leisure Centre based at The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) Stanmore.

The Scoliosis Handbook is meant as a dip in / dip out read.  There is a chapter on exercises to avoid (the Dont's) and one on the Do's.  Scoliosis patients can use the book in the gym as a guide while they are training and also to show their trainer who may be unfamiliar with scoliosis and the conditions various limitations.

There is a TIP page with helpful points from sitting in an airline seat to what to wear under a brace.

I really hope that people find my Handbook helps them to cope dealing with scoliosis every day.

(A percentage of author's royalties from the sales from The Scoliosis Handbook for safe and effective exercise pre and post surgery will  be donated to Aspire Leisure Centre, Association for Spinal Injury Research, Rehabilitation and Reintegration, Registered Charity Number 1075317)

Photography: Sam Pearce -  square-image.co.uk

Images: Hannah Robinson -  dunelmdigital.co.uk

Useful Contacts

ASPIRE supporting people with spinal injury

020 8954 5759



Aspire Leisure Centre
020 8954 5759


SAUK Scoliosis Association UK

helpline 020 8964 1166

general enquiries 020 8964 5343 or



John Rutherford MCSP HCPC  physiotherapist

020 7935 4750 / 07850699534


Liz Bord fitness instructor (cardiac rehab instructor)



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